Get Off Of Me Stupid Bug by CheungKinMen

Escrito por : Bimago del Neoverso | Fecha : viernes, julio 24, 2009 | Etiquetas :

Artist's Comments

At first I wanted to do a Hulk Vs Wolverine piece, but I wanted also a Hulk Vs Venom, and well, I couldn't decide until :iconthegreenfoot: told me to do a Venom. And so here it is.

I still don't know if I should like or dislike the composition of the piece, but I DO like my Hulk. Someone told me that my other Venom didn't look mean enough, I hope I got that mean look in this one. Well, flat colors as always. Painted in photoshop. :)

"Hulk want no bug bothering nap time... HULK SMASH!" -Hulk



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